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We are a veteran and family-owned homebuilding and remodeling company with experience in both construction and insurance restoration services. As a general contractor, we offer quality new home building and custom home remodeling, as well as insurance restoration services. Our 15 years of experience in the homebuilding and home remodeling industry have made us uniquely suited to help homeowners complete their home restorations.
We’ve earned a reputation in Northern Idaho as local experts who run our business with honesty and integrity – and we take great pride in that. We’re not just another corporation, we’re a local construction team dedicated to serving a community that we truly love with the highest quality craftsmanship and affordable services. When you choose Haag Construction, you’re reinvesting in your local community, supporting a local family, and investing in high-quality service for your home.

With Haag Construction, you're in capable hands.

We know the ins and outs of dealing with liability insurance, facing an unexpected home remodel, and (most importantly) we know how to get you through the home restoration process. Our goal is to turn the headache of water, fire, mold, or environmental damage into an exciting process in which you get to customize your home! We're capable of helping you deal with any repairs or restoration that your home needs, and we customize all of our work to meet the needs and budget of each of our customers. With our transparency and consistent communication, you never have to wonder about your home restoration cost or worry about the logistics - we've got you covered!

Insurance restoration

Your Local, Experienced Insurance Restoration Team

After your insurance company pays out, we know that you may not know where to turn for the needed repairs to your home. We're here to make your choice easy. With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Haag Construction is the team that you want on your side through the process of home restoration. As custom home builders, we can do it all. From constructing a brand new space from scratch, tearing down an old wall to create a new floor plan, or remodeling one room at a time, Haag Construction can handle it all!

The Home Restoration Process

We know how much your property and home mean to you, and we want to get your life back to functioning as normal as soon as possible. Our process will start with an in-depth risk management evaluation. We will gather information on the type of damage, how extensive it is, and all that needs to be done to repair your home. Then, after you sign the contract, we'll get to work! Outdoor storm damage ( like siding or deck damage) will typically cause little interruption to your daily life. Our contractors will show up to complete the work, and be out of your way in no time! Mold, water, and other damage can often be more involved and take more time. As our construction team works to complete your restoration, they will be careful to maintain clean spaces where possible, and we'll always work to get you back to your regular schedule in a home that feels brand new as fast as possible.

Your Local, Experienced Insurance Restoration Team

Caring for Our Local Post Falls Community

We care about our local community and the people that live here, so we're not only committed to taking care of our neighbors who have experienced disasters, but also to promoting the local economy by hiring local subcontractors and supporting other local businesses. One of the greatest benefits of owning and running our business here is that we can work to improve the lives of members of our favorite community - especially when disaster strikes.

Covering All your Bases

We want to ensure that you get everything you need to repair your home and make it whole again, so we have trusted partners who are specialty experts in specific areas. These partnerships allow us to offer you unique and specialized services for every project and restoration! Hiring local individuals who specialize in particular home restoration skills gives our team the benefit of placing every customer in the most capable hands and gives our customers the peace of mind that no matter their problem, we've dealt with it before and we know how to handle it best!

Custom Remodels and New Construction

Haag Construction is the best choice for new home building and remodels in Northern Idaho

At Haag Construction, we offer full-service custom home remodeling as well as new construction. Our projects range from small jobs to large commercial projects. Whether we're redoing your kitchen, updating your master bath, or completely renovating your home, our core values are honesty and integrity, and these values are obvious in our final product. Our extensive expertise in a wide array of types of construction makes us the obvious choice for homeowners looking to remodel, restore, or build a new home.

We Pay Attention to the Details

Each member of our team pays close attention to every detail of their work. We gained our reputation as high-quality craftsmen the same way we maintain it - by doing the job we saw we will, and doing it well. We work closely with all of our subcontractors to ensure that they too meet our high standard. Then, when we're done, you'll enjoy a clean space and be able to enjoy your home again, worry-free.

Superior Craftsmanship

Regardless of whether we are building you a new home or performing a restoration, we are a company that values high-quality craftsmanship; we will do everything possible to exceed your expectations. In both the quality of our materials and the way in which we construct them, we work to craft at the highest possible level and create homes that will last for many years to come.

Support and Professional Service - from beginning to end

From start to finish, we provide a high level of customer service. When you speak with us, you will always be talking with an experienced professional with the skills and experience needed to handle your project efficiently. This means that your questions are answered, and your concerns are addressed - no matter how big or small. We are dedicated to working with each of our customers individually, helping them understand the process and offering support from beginning to end. You will never feel like another customer in the queue.

Complete Customization

We know each job is unique with its own challenges and expectations. So when we initially meet you to complete your home project, our construction team will work to ensure that they fully understand your vision for your home before a contract is ever signed or plan is put to paper. Then, throughout the process, you'll benefit from our consistent customer communication. Our team will keep you fully up-to-date on your project and allow you to make every customization choice needed to craft your dream home. Our one-on-one individualized support allows us to create a fully custom end-result that perfectly suits our customer's unique needs!

You Have Options

We want you to know that you have several options for home repair or insurance restoration services in Northern Idaho. Still, none will provide the quality of work and customer service that Haag Construction does. Our team is committed to getting your home exactly right. Call us today - We'll walk you through the process and help you choose the right solution for your needs. Or browse our website where you can learn more about us and see what projects we've completed in our gallery.


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